Here at JMFS we like to call ourselves Big Financial Picture Builders helping small business owners takes their snapshots through to full fledge financial masterpieces.

Upon noticing the lack of accounting systems and unclear financial plans among Dallas area small business owners, we knew our structured, flat rate tier pricing, cloud based services were the missing piece to the financing puzzle for small businesses.

We save small business owners time and money, providing them the ability to manage their finances in-house with specialized, yet personal, accounting assistance and education from our well-trained team of accounting professionals.

We launched in the summer of 2011 with the simple mission of helping small business owners build solid financial and accounting frameworks for their growing businesses.

We’ve been capturing the Big Financial Picture for small businesses ever since, propelling their financial management to the organizational and structural levels of large business across various markets—but doing so according to the individual needs and markets of each of our clients.

So, think of us as your very own pocket accounting department sketching away at your small business’ individualized financial masterpiece.


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